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Creativity, lockdown and lensball.

If you are fed-up with the lockdown and not getting out to shoot with your camera, why not try this creative type of shot in the comfort of your own home. Camera settings 10 second exposure, f8, iso 50. Things you will need, lensball, or a reflective object to photograph, a sheet of black paper and some Christmas lights. I set this shot up by placing the lensball on a sheet of black paper and simply propped up the back of the paper behind the ball. Now set the focus on camera and turn to manual focus, this will make it much easier to shoot because the camera will not try to focus every time you want to take a shot.I set the self timer on the camera so you won't shake the camera when taking the shot. Now you have focus, darken the room as much as possible as you only want to use the light from the Christmas lights to light the ball. The camera is all set, just start the timer and when the shutter opens introduce the Christmas lights for a few seconds and remove them from the shot, you can do this over and over and never get the same shot twice, you will be amazed what you can create at home, hope you have fun with this. If you like this type of post or have any questions please let me know, I will be happy to help.

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